Each year PNE directs its attention to a programmatic focus that will help athletes generally, and event attendees more specifically. This year's PNE will close with a panel of experts engaging high school, college, professional and retired athletes in conversation related to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). The panel, facilitated by the United Athletes Foundation will be led by the University of Notre Dame's Vice President and Associate Provost Greg Crawford and Racing Toward Diversity Magazine CEO, Fields Jackson. Stay tuned on social media for various updates on the panel scheduled to take place from 5-6pm on Saturday, February 6 at San Jose State University.

UAF would like to recognize Kendall Sims as our Jr.Community Hero of the Month! Kendall is a third grader at Crump Elementary School in Memphis,TN.Kendall is the definition and model of the kind of engaged scholar that teachers would love to have filling up their classrooms. He is a steady and committed student, day in and day out. He is organized and follows through with his work. His positive and open attitude have helped him build his knowledge and investigate new ideas. He listens well and eagerly shares his thoughts in class discussions. Kendall is willing to take the risk of asking questions to check his understanding. He has confidence to share  connections he is making. Kendall has frequently shown he is willing to go above and beyond in his efforts to progress. He sets goals  for himself and then he works hard to meet his goals, Kendall is also apart of V.I.P. ( Very Intelligent People) in his school which only selected students may attend.In addition to his enthusiastic approach to learning, Kendall is truly a great guy!  He is genuine and up beat with everyone.  He begins everyday with a "Good Morning" greeting and a smile, He is a kind and compassionate young man and always willing to be helpful. For all of these reasons- academic effort, enthusiasm about learning and positive engagement in his school community. Kendall well deserves to be our Jr. Community Hero of the Month. 


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